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“Protecting your business” sounds great… if only you knew what you’re protecting it from. 

Great coaches know how to navigate the gray areas in life – where it gets messy and also beautiful things can happen – but I can assure you, when something goes wrong with a client, competitor, or team member, they want the outcome to have black and white certainty in their favor. 

And why shouldn’t they? Having chaos around our money, time, and valuable materials is no way to do business.

But the truth is, most coaches who come to me with a dispute are freaking out that they have missed something, done something wrong, and will be stuck losing money they already spent for work that was already done. They are not confident that they will win, even though 100% of them have delivered (and usually over-delivered). Some even have some random legal documents in place here and there, that a friend or certification program gave them. 

I hate to say it, but most often these coaches are fairly powerless in the event of a dispute, which means that the outcome is left to chance instead of planned ahead of time (yep, you can do that with good quality legal!). 

When a coach works with me, it changes the game – and feels seamless and easy, too.

For example, instead of asking me what they can do when a client asks for a refund, coaches ask me for a short and sweet way to remind the client of the commitment she made upfront. 

Instead of asking what the client can do if the refund request is denied, the coach will ask me how long it typically takes for the payment processor to find in her favor (because it almost always will). 

And we only ever discuss the possibility of refunding if there are special circumstances, like when the coach wants the client out of a group program for example, and not because the coach is unsure of the outcome of a dispute. 

If you’re 100% sure you want this type of certainty in your business, you’re in the right place. 

And you’re in luck. 

Crafting great legal agreements is just one part of our work to empower coaches against drains on their time, money, and content. We also provide precise, simple legal instructions so you can make every biz decision with legal confidence, and five ways to get direct access to a lawyer for help, too.

Hey, I’m Valerie Del Grosso…

I’ve been the lawyer friend to coaches since 2015. 

Great legal support is about so much more than a one-off template that you can buy off of a growing number of websites (although I assure you, that there is almost no situation in which one document is all you need and I would question people willing to sell them that way anyway).

It isn’t enough that you have something to sign right now. You’ve got to know for sure that it will work for you when you need it! 

That’s where I come in. 

Week in and week out, I’m a real lawyer going to court, testing everything in front of decision-makers when the stakes are high. 

Nothing here is theoretical. Nothing here is untested. Nothing here is generic for “course creators, coaches, consultants, and online business owners.” Have you seen that lingo around? 


Everything here is written exactly for how coaches do business, with thoughtful solutions planned in advance for all the ways things go wrong. These strategies are easy to implement, proven to work, and affordable to rely on (because, did you know – most lawyers, and the legal docs you find online – are drafted with a huge corporation’s legal budget in mind? Just say no to $10k retainers).

I love this industry, and it is my mission to empower coaches to be limited only by their dreams, and not nagging legal concerns. 

Let’s do it right together. I’m with you every step of the way. Here’s how. 

The recipe for legal certainty:

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The Good Authority book is your desk reference. Wanting to launch a new one-on-one program? Check P. 131. Thinking about a list-building collab? Check P. 169. Does a client feel not right for the dynamics of your group program? Check P. 125… And so many more. 

Have a Lawyer Friend in Your Corner - Not on Retainer

Finally! Access to a lawyer who knows your industry inside and out – no retainer, consultations, or “you charge how much!?” necessary! Quick questions are the toughest to get answered by regular lawyers, and those are the most common kind that coaches need help with. Solved!

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From setting up your company, launching your first or next offer, hiring coaches of your own, to hosting retreats and building a team, every coaching legal document imaginable is available here… tested over the last eight years by coaches at every stage of business in front of judges and payment processors. These work

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