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Coaches: Start making your impact now, with the 1/1 coaching model that gets incredible results for clients (plus the solid income foundation you need, no matter what happens in the future).

Start Your Business *Today* with One Done-For-You Package that Gives You the Coaching Policy and Agreement  Templates You Need to Launch the Right Way, the First Time…

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Hi there! I’m Attorney Valerie Del Grosso…

I have been getting tons of questions about whether now is the time to go “all in” on the coaching business you have dreamed about, to ditch the corporate, paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. 

Let me tell you, I see the inside of dozens of successful coaching businesses every single month in my coaching legal practice, and right now, more than ever, my coach clients are in demand. Their calendars are booked out and clients are banging down their doors, looking for accountability and support in these tough times, and committing (finally) to building their own business, with an income they can rely on no matter what.

As a coaching client myself (I’m a true believer in the power of guided transformation), I’m looking for coaches who are re-committing to the power of the one-on-one relationship this year. In past years, I wanted to join lots of group programs and masterminds to get the “gist,” but I’m ready for the deep dive into what works!

In other words, the time is now.

And here’s the thing. Yes, I’m a lawyer, but also a coaching evangelist. Your passion is in good hands with me. You don’t need to ignore the topic, Google and cut and paste questionable policies and agreements, or worry about leaving yourself open to an endless array of frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive legal problems!

Let me show you how to get started now, the right way, to building a sustainable biz. You can be ready later today to sign your first or next client! 

You know legal is a must do, but if you’re being honest..?

You’re not totally sure what it means to “protect your business” (or what you’re protecting it from, exactly)

You don’t have to guess or Google anymore. It’s all about certainty.

If you want certainty that you can:


Legally call yourself a coach (and be sure that your activities are coaching, and not anything that requires a license)


Keep the money you’ve earned (safe from baseless refund requests)


Advertise your amazing results legally, so you can command premium pricing and sell with ease


Know exactly what to say and do in case of a client disagreement over your services


Get credit and ownership of your most important, unique work, free from content thieves and copycats

you’re in the right place.



Let’s do it right, together.

The best thing?

On this page, you can get it pre-done for you and tailored just for coaches.

I’ve taken my years of experience working with coaches and other business owners like you, and poured it into this starter set of templates that covers exactly what you need when offering one-on-one coaching, and nothing you don’t.

Each of these templates is built around language that has been tried and tested – these aren’t generic forms created by interns who have never seen the inside of a courtroom. And, because they’re specifically written for coaches, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll protect you and your business from payment drama, content thieves, and nagging legal concerns!

Welcome to…

Legal Starter Pack for Coaches

The easy-to-use, but totally effective, plug-and-play legal system just for coaches, complete with instructions, legal documents at your fingertips, and support from a lawyer.

Eliminate the guesswork and be ready to sign your first or next client fast.

By clicking here, you’ll be billed $49 today and $49 in thirty days and again in sixty days ($147 total). Complete terms of purchase available here.

Do your clients need legal templates? Email licensing@goodauthority.co for options.


Here’s exactly how it works:

Phase 1

If you plan to hold clients accountable to their big dreams (as the greatest coaches do), you’ll want to be sure that when clients get out of their comfort zone, they remember why they’re here! 

Otherwise, payment drama can erupt: the client wants out and wants a refund to go with it! 

Avoid this common scenario with the right legal documents. 



Coaching Disclaimer: the easy to use form that helps clients understand that while you may be a miracle worker, they still have to do the work! This helps a payment processor understand who was responsible for what when it comes to getting great client outcomes.

Phase 2

Planning to charge for your services? Of course! Building a sustainable financial future is probably one of the big reasons you became a coach in the first place. 

With the right legal documents, you can be sure your clients stay within the scope of your offer (no more energy draining clients), make timely payments if they are on installment plans, and know exactly when they can use their coaching sessions (no clients MIA for months or years at a time!). 

What You’ll Get


Business policies so you protect your time and energy, plus don't end up over-delivering to energy draining clients


Billing policies so you have a plan when a client's card declines or other payment drama pops up


Coaching Client Agreement, so you and your client have clear expectations *and* a clear commitment to follow through - so you can build a reliable income

Headshot of Valerie Del Grosso

Phase 3

Planning to market yourself with a website and email list? Planning to take client financial data to accept payment?

These are areas with legal “gotchas” that are totally avoidable in a few quick steps.

I’ll show you exactly what you need to know so you don’t have to figure out the boring fine print. Check the box on these legal requirements so you can confidently build your list and accept payment for your services. 

What You’ll Get:


Privacy Policy for Coaching Websites


Terms and Conditions to protect your content from lookers (not buyers)


Quick video training on how to complete your documents in a single session *and* where to place them on your site


Connect your business goals with the legal steps to get there, with bonus training in the membership site:


5 Legal Steps Before Selling Your First or Next Coaching Offer


How to Know When to Register Your Company (LLC) *and* what you MUST do after to protect your personal life from business snafus


List Building Training


What to Know About Hiring A Team Training


Dispute Resolution, Certification & Licensing Training, and More!


What to do if you have a Professional License (like medical or mental health)


Recommended services for LLC Setup, Tax Savings for Biz-Owners Only, Accounting, HR, and More!


Protect Your Names & Content from Copycats Training


3 Things Coaches Can Do to Secure Their Financial Future training

By the way, these legal documents are not usually available outside of our highest tier (a $1,497 program).

But by joining now – on this page only – you’re getting access to these one-on-one legal agreements a la carte!  

Today’s Price = Only $147.

By clicking here, you’ll be billed $49 today and $49 in thirty days and again in sixty days ($147 total). Complete terms of purchase are available here.

Do your clients need legal templates? Email licensing@goodauthority.co for options.

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