Join us inside the Good Authority book club!(with lawyer support)

Get fillable monthly workbooks, week day lawyer support, and community – all for the price of a latte every month, in the industry’s first group for coaches who don’t want to “wing it” legally – but can’t spend hundreds just to ask a lawyer a few questions



I just bought THE book. Why do I need a club, too? And anyway, at such a low price, how good could it actually be?


 The Good Authority book is incredible (if I do say so myself!) but there is one thing that ALL coaches say that is nearly impossible to get a lawyer to answer – until now – and that I couldn’t put in a book:

“I just have a quick question. Can I book a call?”

The reality is, lawyers and law firms are not set up to take a one-off call, so getting access to a lawyer’s brain for even a few easy questions is basically impossible. Until this group started, was one of those lawyers, too. My audience wanted my help, but I had no scalable way to offer help for those times coaches have a quick question. 

No more!

You’ll not only get access to my absolute best and most tailored-to-coaching legal information on demand, but you can post questions in the group OR in the private form for personal service – no extra charge, and no appointment necessary! – to get those questions answered.

Yes, it’s that good, on purpose, even at this silly little price point.


Read on for the reasons why I am so obsessed with you joining the perfect complement to the Good Authority book.

A little tough love for you:

Most coaches are powerless against the theft of time, money, content, and program names by competitors, clients, and team members. 

The reason? 

The laws that protect against this theft require coaches to “opt in” to the protections prior to experiencing a problem, but most coaches have no idea until it’s too late. 

Here’s the good news, though. That’s not you! The Good Authority book will be your new best friend, with bite-sized articles on exactly what to look out for to make every business decision a safe one. 

But I’m sure…


Like so many of my clients…

You’d love to have a lawyer friend to run things by…

To have experienced eyes on your biz, just in case…

And because maybe you’ve thrown up your hands in the past and said “Just tell me exactly what to do!”

Because, even though you’re totally equipped to avoid payment drama and content thieves on your own, it never hurts to have exact action steps and a lawyer friend in your corner.

Here’s exactly how it works:

Fillable Workbooks

These fillable workbooks complement the chapters of the Good Authority book, so you (i) know exactly what to do legally for your next step in business and (ii) have the exact questions I’d ask you if you were in my office to accomplish it!

Private Questions & Answers

Submit your questions to the private form, and get a video response right to your email from your lawyer friend.  Great for questions that you do not want answered in front of the group. Submit a question by Sunday for a Thursday response.

Book Club Group

Join the Facebook group just for clients, where you can ask questions, network with other coaches, and promote what you’re working on in weekly promotional posts. Plus, there will be one giveaway per month for legal agreements and more! 

You’ll get instant access to all of these fillable resources

1 hour with a lawyer costs $400+… if you can find one who will work for an hour here and there



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