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Good Authority: The Legal Owner’s Manual for Your Coaching Business

turn your coaching skills into a safe and legit business

What Readers Are Saying…

Like having a lawyer friend on call!

This book is organized by *what* coaches do in their businesses, like building a list and taking payment over the phone, so I have on point, actionable legal information at my fingertips, specifially for coaches, at all times. 

A fun read that makes legal intuitive...

All the legal how-tos are in there, but the insider information about how successful coaching businesses work make it a book I actually want to read – plus, it has helped me clearly see which legal steps help me reach my biggest goals.

I finally understand "what" I need to be protected from

I’ve heard about protecting my business, but honestly, I was never exactly sure from what. Now, I understand what can go wrong, and how I can easily prevent most problems and set myself up for success in case they still pop up.  

Don’t guess or “Google” what it takes to protect your paycheck and reputation. 

Good Authority

The Legal Owner’s Manual for Your Coaching Business

You’ll rest easy having every common question answered, from “What can I call myself?” to “How do I take payment over the phone legally?” to “How do I protect my reputation when I launch a group program?” and many, many more – all specifically written for coaches so you never have to guess how it applies to you

Worried that you don’t know what you don’t know when it comes to legal requirements in coaching?

You can finally know for sure.

I’m Attorney Valerie Del Grosso…

For the last eight years of my fifteen year career, I’ve been helping coaches get ready to sign their first or next client, host transformative live events, launch certification programs, and much more. 

No matter their stage of business, I found that most coaches are still a little in the dark about their legal needs (and why it is so important!). To me, that is a huge failure of the legal industry and a disservice to coaches everywhere.  

That’s why I wrote this book. Each bite-sized topic gets right to the heart of why you should care, how to handle your business, and get on with what you love doing – all while being free from worry about what you didn’t know you didn’t know. No “cover your butt” or vague “protection” talk here. 

It’s been written intentionally to turn to again and again as your business grows. 

Good Authority

The Legal Owner’s Manual for Your Coaching Business

The desk reference for serious coaches who want to build their businesses without payment drama, content thieves, or nagging legal concerns

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Curious about what’s inside?

Part I: The Things No One Told You About Turning a Coaching Skill into a Coaching Business

  1. What you’re “protecting your business” from, exactly. 
  2. Why coaching is different from consulting, therapy, and everything else (and why it matters – a lot!)

Part II: Legalize Your Coaching Biz 

  1. The Bare Minimum Guide to Coaching Legally (with topics like, “What can I call myself?” and “Do I need permission?” and what to do before your site goes live)
  2. Setting Up Your Business
  3. Signing Clients
  4. Delivering Your Services
  5. Building Your Audience
  6. Standing Out In the Marketplace
  7. Working with Others
  8. Your Financial Future
  9. Resolving Disputes

Each topic above breaks down further into exactly what you need to do legally to handle common coaching business activities, like how to use social proof legally, how to beat chargeback requests, when it is time to start an LLC, protecting your content from unauthorized use, handling collaborations, hiring service providers for your own biz, and so much more. 

The book was written to return to again and again as you grow, so you don’t have to worry about adding another entire book to your list! 

Why a book?

For years, I made information like this available in video, blog posts, and membership sites, and routinely found that the best information wasn’t in as many hands as possible. It is my sincere hope that every coach in the industry has this book on their desk, as a trusted reference for complete, accurate, and actionable advice at their fingertips. 

Although it contains nearly a decade of coaching legal wisdom, I think you’ll find it to be an easy and enjoyable read with big benefits to reaching your coaching goals. 


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