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You’ve landed on the only page online where you can buy certainty in your business

Easily legal-proof your business so you can secure your future, safely make every decision in your business, keep your earnings, and protect your coaching methodology – all with the help of a real lawyer.

Do your clients need legal templates? Email for licensing options.


You know legal is a must do, but if you’re being honest..?

You’re not totally sure what it means to “protect your business” (or what you’re protecting it from, exactly)

You don’t have to guess or Google anymore.

If you want certainty that you can:


Legally call yourself a coach (and be sure that your activities are coaching, and not anything that requires a license)


Keep the money you’ve earned (safe from baseless refund requests)


Advertise your amazing results legally, so you can command premium pricing and sell with ease


Know exactly what to say and do in case of a client disagreement over your services


Get credit and ownership of your most important, unique work, free from content thieves and copycats


Trust your team to step up to the plate and build a business you can rely on (and take breaks from)


Provide safe communities for your clients to be vulnerable and get results, together


Invite clients to in person events and retreats without taking on personal responsibility for their health and safety... and much more.

you’re in the right place.

Legal – when done right* (more on that in a moment) – can buy you certainty and feel seamless while it protects your personal money from business problems, stops payment drama with clients before it starts, shields your best work from copycats, and minimizes interpersonal shenanigans with team, community, and collaborators (whew!)

Here’s what it looks like:

When your legal is wrong, you’ll know because: 

  • You grabbed documents grabbed from Google, your certification program, or your own coach and “eyeballed” them – seems right
  • You’re not sure exactly what your documents mean or what you can do and say if things go wrong – but you’ll figure that you will worry about that later
  • There is lots of legal-ese that feels “off” for your brand
  • You’re not sure how to check if your agreements are missing something important
  • You’re relying on one document for every offer you have (like one-on-one coaching and groups)

When your legal is RIGHT, you’ll know because: 

  • Your documents are customized just for the way coaches do business by an experienced lawyer you actually know
  • They are proven to win in front of payment processors and courts)
  • You can rest assured you don’t just have something to sign now, but something that will actually work later when you need it
  • You have multiple documents that work together to achieve your goals (no legal problem is ever solved with just one – beware those who sell just one at a time)
  • They are super specific to how you do business (because no one is ever having a dispute over a generic term like pricing or the number of calls in your program)

Let’s do it right, together.

Here’s the legal recipe for biz certainty:

Easy-to-Follow Legal Instructions

On-Demand Coaching Legal Documents

Legal Support From a Real Lawyer

The best thing?

On this page, you can get it pre-done for you and tailored just for coaches.

No more wondering if this is right for your business or wasting time trying to piece it together yourself.

Welcome to…

Little Black Legal Book

The easy-to-use, but totally effective, plug-and-play legal system just for coaches, complete with instructions, legal documents at your fingertips, and support from a lawyer.

Eliminate the guesswork and be ready to sign your first or next client fast.


Here’s exactly how it works:

Phase 1

We’ll ship a copy of the Good Authority book directly to you. This book of legal instructions belongs on every coach’s desk.

Reach for it whenever you add a program, hire a team member, start a new list-building project, and more.

*Already have a copy? Reply to your purchase email and we’ll refund you!



What no one ever told you about turning your coaching skills into a coaching business


The Must Knows About Calling Yourself Coach Legally


Legalize Your Coaching Biz - with the exact legal actions for every business decision you make

Phase 2

Unlock instant access to the Quick Start Legal Guide, so you can get “Legal In A Weekend” – your business foundations in place, your web presence legally ready for your first or next offer, and the boxes checked on “gotcha” legal requirements, all in one productive weekend!



5 Legal Steps to Take Before Signing Your First or Next Coaching Client


The Exact Legal Documents You Need to Sell Your Program (and Where to Put Them!)


PLUS: Tips for Coaches Who Also Hold Professional Licenses, in the Medical and Mental Health fields

Headshot of Valerie Del Grosso

Phase 3

Questions? Need a second set of eyes on your documents? Enjoy five different ways to access your lawyer friend so you don’t have to go it alone.

Hear what’s happening in the industry, what program features are selling like hot cakes, and how your legal steps support your biz goals.



Weekly live Q&A sessions


Clients-only group


Private Q&A Form for confidential matters


Weekly, private contract reviews by a lawyer


Access the secret SOS call line (additional fee)

And the most incredible part…

All Access to the Black Book:

25+ Started-For-You legal documents for every move in your coaching biz.


Personally drafted by Valerie with 100% success in coaching disputes before payment processors and courts (from 2015 to present)


One-on-One Coaching & VIP Day Agreements


Mastermind, Retreats & Live Event Agreements


Team Agreements & Non-Disclosure Agreements


Collab Agreements (like guest experts, affiliates)


Settlement Docs & LLC Operating Agreement


Group Coaching & Course Agreements


Coaching Membership Agreements


List-Building Agreements (summits, giveaways)


Website Policies, Liability Waiver, Publicity Release


And more...

That’s still not all!

Get Instant Access to All of These Resources

By the way, legal documents + support are normally sold separately. 

But by joining now – on this page only – you’re getting all of these support options for one full year included.


Clients Only Facebook Group


Private Submission Form for Confidential Q&A (with responses from Valerie)


Live, Weekly Q&A Video Sessions with Valerie


PLUS - the only way to access Valerie's secret scheduler for SOS calls (extra fee applies)

Priced Separately at $2,179/year.

Founder’s Launch Pricing

Only $1,093 (or 12x$99)

One Year Access. Keep what you downloaded during the year. No obligation to renew, but special alumni rates are available. 

Oh hey! I’m Valerie Del Grosso…

…the lawyer friend to coaches.

I’ve been practicing law since 2008, and specifically working with coaches since 2015.

I founded Good Authority Co. to help serious coaches build their earnings and and leave an impact on the world. From Day 1 to $1 million and beyond, I’ve created intuitive legal solutions so you can focus on doing what you love without worry, at whatever stage of business you’re in.

It is my mission to make sure that what you buy from me works. I rely on fifteen years of courtroom and dispute resolution experience to design (very intentionally) practical and easy to use solutions so you can get the outcome you want without losing momentum in your biz if something goes wrong.

I’m a huge believer in coaching, too, and that love for the industry and my own coaches means that I never offer legal solutions that don’t also feel good in your business.


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