Video 1: The secrets coaches tell me

Don’t miss the kick off call, all about how the most successful coaches think about their next offer, what to include, how to price it, plus how to minimize payment drama and content thieves in the process. Bonus: crowd favorite formula for figuring out what to do next in your biz. 

Video 2: The Forgotten Aspects of Selling Coaching Legally

Is your program name available or infringing? Is your content unique or unauthorized use from someone else? Are your testimonials accurate representations of your work or do they accidentally say what you cannot say directly? Listen in for the six forgotten parts of selling legally that *many* coaches get wrong.

Video 3: Sales Page ready

Before you hit publish, be sure you have *these *legal documents and policies in *these* places on your website and sales page, and which need to be a “check the box” or e-signature. Stay tuned for refund policy tips! Learn more in this training, all about the legal workflow to incorporate into your launch process.

Video 4: Put Your Client Agreement Together (with checklist!)

Most coaching client agreements are nothing more than a glorified receipt ($X for Y services), and they leave a coach powerless in the case of payment drama or disputes because of what they’re missing. This is also why it is so tough to tell whether an agreement is quality or not. Learn exactly what to look for in your agreement (or how to get your own) so you can have certainty about the outcomes of disputes… before they ever happen.